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Rules and Starting

As stated by the name of the board, the rules and other very important topics are posted here. This is definitely the first board you should go through when you're considering joining us or have just joined.

Please note that all announcements are placed here as well.

Sub-board: Tutorials

12 43 Roleplay Tutorial
by Midnight
Aug 24, 2015 17:41:54 GMT -5
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This is where all announcements are posted. Things that can be found here will range from big out-of-character things to major plot-related threads.

Sub-boards: The Dark Forest Plot Information, Old Announcements

37 516 Happy 5th, AWRP
by Silvergrass
Jul 30, 2016 4:45:04 GMT -5
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Got a suggestion for the forum? Post it here!

Sub-board: Suggested Suggestions

112 632 NEW Store Suggestions Thread
by Flight of the Thunderbird
Nov 14, 2015 22:30:42 GMT -5
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Staff Requests

In this board, you may request something specific from a staff member, such as an application being moved to the "Inactive" board, or a loner group sub-board being made.


Our staff:


Co-Administrators: and .

Moderators: and

Application Checkers: , , , , , , , , , and .

Sub-board: Completed Requests

176 415 app check please
by Wolf
Dec 17, 2015 16:10:38 GMT -5
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Do you have a burning question, don't want to PM a staff member or ask in the chatbox? This is the place to go.

Guest friendly

Sub-board: Answered Questions

369 1,469 Halp
by Silvergrass
Jun 23, 2016 10:15:56 GMT -5
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This is the board where very old threads will be held.

Sub-boards: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, Poll Archive

7,693 86,419 Hai~ :D
by Midnight
Dec 4, 2016 13:55:11 GMT -5

Character Management

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If you no longer wish to roleplay one of your characters, don't want them put into the Inactive Cats board, then post here and someone will adopt them.

Sub-board: Adopted Cats

659 9,372 Warrior Cat Adoptions.
by ??????
Jul 21, 2016 15:32:19 GMT -5
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Character Muse Help

If you need help with thinking of something for a new character, post here!

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Pending Applications
- 1 Viewing

If you just joined or wish to create a new character, please use the character application found on this board and post on one of the sub-boards here. A staff member will post on your application, either requesting things to be fixed or accepting it.

The following members have the ability to check applications: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

Moderators: Global Moderator, Administrator, Application Checker

Sub-boards: StarClan Applications, The Dark Forest Applications, MidnightClan Applications, StormClan Applications, LeafClan Applications, SunsetClan Applications, WhisperClan Applications, TalonClan Applications, Loner Applications, Rogue Applications, Kittypet Applications

45 180 All Cats Of AWRP!
by nomstar
Dec 3, 2015 1:50:48 GMT -5
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Accepted Applications

All accepted character applications will be placed here by a staff member.

Sub-boards: Inactive Cats, StarClan , The Dark Forest, MidnightClan, StormClan, LeafClan, SunsetClan, WhisperClan, TalonClan, FrostClan, Loners, Rogues, Kittypets

4,065 13,834
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Open Threads

If you have open threads that you'd like to announce as being there, feel free to post them here. You can also use this board to keep track of the open threads you have.

19 46 Opening Chris' Box
by October Christmas
Nov 21, 2015 21:22:26 GMT -5
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Litter Requesting

In order to receive a litter for your cat and his/her mate, you must create a topic in this board.

This board is not for adopting kits. It is only for the RPers of the parents to get the litter and discuss what to do with the kits. If the parents wish to adopt any of the kits out, then they will post so on the Adoption board.

Please do not post a litter request before one or both (if the father is not an NPC) cats have been accepted.

Sub-board: Litters That Have Been Given

504 3,215
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Plot Station

Members are always encouraged to plot with each other! If you think of a plot for your characters, post it here!

Sub-boards: Carot's Plots, Anya's Plots, Fawn's Plots, Falcon's Plots, Nom's Plots, Legit's Plots, Golden's Plots, Ice's Plots, Lightning's Plots, Dyzzie's Plots, Lion's Plots

218 2,500
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You can track all of your cats on this board.

In the proper sub-boards, you can also post threads to find your cats mates and your apprentices mentors.

Sub-boards: Thunder´s Tracking, Nom´s Tracking, Wolf's Tracking, Carot's Tracking, Anya's Tracking, Fawn's Tracking, Ambrose's Tracking, Lion's Tracking, Twine's Tracking, Ice and Echo's Tracking, Legit's Tracking, Lily's Tracking, Clemintine's Tracking, Lunar's Tracking, Falcon's Tracking, Isilme's Tracking, Deku's Tracking, Rose's Tracking, Midnight's Tracking, Dyzzie's Tracking, Acro's Tracking

N/A N/A No posts have been made on this board.
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You can post a topic to get mates for your characters and keep track of them on this board.

Sub-board: Forbidden Relationship Requests

72 1,104 Cherryblaze's mate finder
by Snowfeather
Dec 10, 2015 14:22:47 GMT -5
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If your apprentice needs a mentor, post a topic on this board.

This board is ONLY for cats who were made as apprentices via application, or for apprentices whose mentor died, their RPer was deleted, etc.


Once your application-made apprentice gets a mentor here, you do NOT need permission to have that cat as your mentor. This board's purpose is to make the load easier on leaders and staff.

22 71 Honeydawn of leafclan needs an aprentice
by Twilightpelt
Jan 15, 2016 20:47:05 GMT -5


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The Store

The store at which you can buy things with money earned from doing various things on the forum.

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MidnightClan Leader Announcements

This is the board where the MidnightClan leader will post announcements and other important threads.

Word count is disabled on this board.

Sub-board: Leader Announcement Archives

11 669 NEW MidnightClan Member List! (OOC)
by satash
Dec 2, 2015 22:37:09 GMT -5
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MidnightClan is a Clan of cats who're strong, fierce, and intelligent. They are generally bad at climbing and swimming. They're set in a mostly-oak forest.

Sub-boards: Clearing, Bramblestar's Den, Medicine Cat Den, Elders' Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery

93 696 Sunny skies and Green grass
by sage
Nov 30, 2015 11:18:58 GMT -5
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Midnightclan Territory

MidnightClan's territory is thick with undergrowth. They dwell within a forest of mainly oaks.

Though there are a few pines here and there by the river, which only makes sense because across the river lies StormClan's territory, and they live in a pine forest. To the right of MidnightClan's territory, the trees begin turning to birches as one gets closer to LeafClan's territory.

Sub-boards: Snake Briars, Fallen Oak, Willow Tree, Split Tree, Minnow Pond, Odd Cave

53 475 Silence of the Storm
by Lunalupusvenator
Dec 27, 2015 13:55:31 GMT -5


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StormClan Leader Announcements

This is the board where the StormClan leader will post announcements and other important threads.

Word count is disabled on this board.

Sub-board: Leader Announcement Archives

18 685 StormClan Cat List
by sage
Dec 2, 2015 21:19:02 GMT -5
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StormClan is a Clan of cats who're strong, clever, and sneaky. They are generally very good at swimming, bad at climbing.

Sub-boards: Clearing, Goldenstar's Den, Medicine Cat Den, Elders' Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery

49 379 Back To Business (Patrol Thread)
by Babylonranger
Nov 24, 2015 0:21:10 GMT -5
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Stormclan Territory

StormClan's territory is a pine forest. The border they share with MidnightClan to the right is a river, while the border they share with WhisperClan to the left is a hill that goes down into the other Clan's territory.

In leafbare, StormClan often has to deal with twolegs chopping many of their pine trees for holidays, which often creates problems for the StormClanners.

Sub-boards: Bubbling Pool, Boggy Land, River Roots, The Shallow Pool, Murky Hollow, The Platform, Charred Pine

46 497 A Little Lack Of Grace ||| Beepaw and Fireeagle // TRAINING!
by Flight of the Thunderbird
Nov 26, 2015 19:40:16 GMT -5


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LeafClan Leader Announcements

This is the board where the LeafClan leader will post announcements and other important threads.

Word count is disabled on this board.

Sub-board: Leader Announcement Archives

3 318 LeafClan Roster (Post all LeafClan cats here!)
by Deku
Nov 30, 2015 20:28:59 GMT -5
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LeafClan is a Clan of cats who're fast, calm, and intelligent. They're generally excellent at climbing, bad at swimming.

Sub-boards: Clearing, Sunstar's Den, Medicine Cat Den, Elders' Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery

152 1,480 Friends Surround Me (OPEN)
by Twilightpelt
Mar 20, 2016 1:19:55 GMT -5
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Leafclan Territory

LeafClan's territory is a birch forest. The trees are tall with pale green leaves. The ground is bright with greenery as well. The cats in LeafClan, when they leave the camp, usually travel through their territory by leaping from tree to tree and climbing. They almost always do border patrols in that manner because many don't like to fight and they want to be sure no cat crosses into their territory, though they want to do so unseen.

To the right of LeafClan's territory is SunsetClan's beach and most cats can see the grassy clearing that is SunsetClan's camp not far from their border with LeafClan. To the left of LeafClan's territory, the birch trees grow sparser as MidnightClan's oak forest comes closer.

Sub-boards: Unused Thunderpath, Mossy Oak, Thorn Bushes, Mossy Pool, The Dead Woods

116 1,011 Sunkit's farewell (Closed)
by Lunalupusvenator
Dec 27, 2015 13:15:32 GMT -5


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SunsetClan Leader Announcements

This is the board where the SunsetClan leader will post announcements and other important threads.

Word count is disabled on this board.

Sub-board: Leader Announcement Archives

5 521 SunsetClan's Official Cat List !
by Snowfeather
Dec 4, 2015 9:00:08 GMT -5
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SunsetClan is a Clan of cats who're fast, witty, and loud. They are generally excellent at swimming, bad at climbing.

Sub-boards: Clearing, Ratstar's Den, Medicine Cat Den, Elders' Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery

132 1,750 Why, Hello There [Tagged]
by Zeitung
Nov 17, 2015 2:01:13 GMT -5
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Sunsetclan Territory

SunsetClan's territory is a beach. This poses to be a strong problem in greenleaf, as many twolegs stomp about on their territory. In one part of the beach, there is a large group of rocks, on which one can hunt or relax.
SunsetClan's camp is on the only grassy clearing in the territory.

As one goes farther over to the left, one can find LeafClan's border. The right border is a huge twolegplace.

Sub-boards: Abandoned Twoleg Nest, Sunset Island, The Suncavern, Tadpole Pools

149 1,729 Looking for answers...(OPEN!!!!)
by Snowfeather
Dec 8, 2015 14:53:05 GMT -5


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WhisperClan Leader Announcements

This is the board where the WhisperClan leader will post announcements and other important threads.

Word count is disabled on this board.

Sub-board: Leader Announcement Archives

5 124 [New] WhisperClan Ceremony Requests!
by heika
Dec 1, 2015 19:52:25 GMT -5
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WhisperClan is a Clan of cats who're fast, intelligent, and not too into making trouble. They are the fastest of all the Clans when it comes to running and attack speed, they are poor at both climbing and swimming.

Sub-boards: Whisperclan Camp, Thrushstar's Den, Medicine Cat Den, Elders' Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery

182 1,622 Good morning! (Leopard)
by Leopardcay
Apr 1, 2016 11:20:04 GMT -5
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Whisperclan Territory

WhisperClan's territory is a beautiful meadow. They've few trees, flowers and long, green grass are both plentiful sights. They often have issues with large birds attacking.

To the left is a large hill that marks the border between WhisperClan's territory and StormClan's. To the left, WhisperClan's territory ends at a terrain that's hard to maneuver in and is a pine forest that oddly has snow year round.

Sub-boards: Slopes, Hawk Perch, Tall Grass, The Butterfly Garden, Abandoned Junkyard, Rabbit Sets, The Mouse Ridge

114 1,129 More Than Meets the Eye (Tagged)
by Anya
Nov 30, 2015 17:23:33 GMT -5


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TalonClan Leader Announcements
- 1 Viewing

This is the board where the TalonClan leader will post announcements and other important threads.

Word count is disabled on this board.

Sub-board: Leader Announcement Archives

12 602 TalonClan Ceremony Requests
by fire
Nov 25, 2015 14:03:35 GMT -5
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TalonClan is a Clan created by cats of other Clans and outsiders after the war with the twoleg-tested birds ended. Many cats came to these newly discovered caves for various reasons and a new Clan is the result. This Clan follows the warrior code like the other five Clans as most of its members have heritage in the other Clans.

TalonClan is a Clan of cats who're powerful, loyal, and often think quite creatively. They're good at climbing, don't put them near water.

Sub-boards: Clearing, Briarstar's Den, Medicine Cats' Den, Elders' Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery

162 1,595 A Black Void (Open)
by Snowfeather
Dec 2, 2015 9:57:30 GMT -5
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TalonClan Territory

TalonClan's territory is a rocky, dangerous mountain. Their camp is the cave in which the Bird War was fought, and not too far outside of the entrance is a sharp cliff. They are far north of the other Clans.

In order to get to gatherings, the cats of TalonClan must head out at about sunset and walk all the way down the trail. They're almost always the last Clan to arrive due to the amount of time they have to walk, in the very least, they're the closest Clan to the Skyfield, having to pass on top of it to reach the Pond of Truce.

Sub-boards: Dead Willow, Abandoned Lookout, Heat Pool, Catastrophic Chasm, Flying Rat Nest

109 1,500 Tall Peaks || TAGGED
by Falcon
Nov 29, 2015 3:14:06 GMT -5

Misc. Roleplaying

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Thanksgiving Celebration

This is the board on which you may roleplay for our Thanksgiving celebration.

8 162 First Roleplay (OPEN) :D
by Deku
Dec 6, 2014 21:50:00 GMT -5

Other Territories

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Pond of Truce

Gatherings are held here.

The leaders stand on a boulder in the center of the small, circular pond in the middle of the pond while the cats of the Clans sit before them in a large, open field.

A ways behind the leaders is the Skyfield, to their right, a meadow, and to their left, the ocean.

118 2,423 [Bright] skies, [Eagles] flying(Shivercry)
by Flight of the Thunderbird
Nov 26, 2015 19:34:27 GMT -5
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Behind the Clans' territories, the loners roam about and mix in with the rogues.

Sub-boards: The Sunstones [Thunderbird´s Group], The Equalizers [Misa's Group], Nature's Mystery [Falcon's Group], Night Walkers [Vine's Group], Seraph [Heron's Group], Cats of Primalia [Ambrose's Group], The One Cats [Jay's Group]

116 1,477 Separated and Lost (OPEN/tagged)
by Guidepaw
Feb 19, 2016 0:34:41 GMT -5
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Behind the Clans' territories are where the rogues roam free.

Sub-boards: Rising Storm [Nom's Group], Diabolical Rogues [Clem's Group], Moonlight Walkers [Rose's Group], Masked in Darkness [Masque's Group], The Nightshades [Anya's Group], Merciless Vagabonds [Lion's Group]

73 681 Stirring up the [Shadows] (Carot!)
by Carotius
Oct 4, 2015 20:18:03 GMT -5
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This is the twolegplace, where the kittypets roam.

Sub-board: The Dusk Birds [Ferret's Group]

49 648 Too boring... (OPEN)
by Asher
Dec 6, 2015 7:36:40 GMT -5

Death and Speaking to Starclan

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The Skyfield is a sacred place where Clan cats may go to speak with their ancestors in StarClan.

The Skyfield is an underground field with a large, spiked crystal in the center. Cats who wish to speak to StarClan get into a comfortable position, then stare at the crystal. When their souls are ready to accept StarClan's lands, they fall into a trance-like state and are at the hunting grounds of StarClan.

34 300 Following Pawprints
by Isilme
Nov 10, 2015 5:03:23 GMT -5
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Clan cats live within StarClan's hunting grounds when they have passed away without too many powerful breaks of the warrior code.

14 129 {Dusk} falls over the {Squirrel} (Tagged)
by Vinepool
Oct 11, 2015 13:17:22 GMT -5
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The Dark Forest

Clan cats that repeatedly broke the warrior code throughout their lives will stalk the Dark Forest in their afterlife.

37 473 The Nightthorn arrives. (open)
by Babylonranger
Nov 23, 2015 23:44:14 GMT -5


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Chat Board

This board is for talk that's generally irrelevant to AWRP. Remember that all of our rules must be followed here.

Guest friendly

Sub-boards: Serious Warrior Talk, Fandoms

99 667
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Being there are so many polls and they were cluttering the chat board, all polls are to be made on this board.

Sub-board: Do You Know My Characters?

82 373
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New here? Want to introduce yourself? Feel free to post here!

Also, please do post here if you're going to be away for any longer than a week, or even shorter if you'd like to post it.

246 1,087 Hopefully, I'll be back...
by Asher
Apr 19, 2016 16:33:51 GMT -5
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Got art you want to share? Put it here! Disclaimer all art you do not own.

Sub-boards: Skiv's Artwork, Lion's Artwork, Clemintine's Artwork, Golden's Art Board

86 880
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Fanfictions and Stories

Writing/wrote a fanfiction or story? Post it here!

If you're going to give opinions, please be kind, and try to be helpful to the person.

Sub-boards: Mid's Stories and Fanfictions, Storytime wiff Echo :3, Splash's Stories and Fanfictions, Golden's Stories and Fanfics, Stormsy's Ramblings, Falcon's Land of Feels, Lion's Legends & Lore, Nom's Stories and Fanfics

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Special Events

All contests and other special events are posted on this board.

All members are free to post contests of their own!

5 1,742
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Play games in threads here. Your post count will not increase when you post in this board.

Guest friendly

61 20,106 Avoid the staff!
by Asher
Jul 25, 2018 16:44:56 GMT -5


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